Arcannun Myth
Stories by James Farthing

The Starting Tales

First, a novelette.

Before the Arcannun's founding, the untried wizard Anton Jade raises a ragtag rebellion against the vile necromancer Gulrond. Hampered by his own doubt, and a fear of loosing his soul, Anton must overcome his own demons to win a day of victory for a land long languished in despotism.

Finished. Now Available.

Then tackle a novel.

The Jade Order has prospered for over a hundred years. Founded by Anton Jade after the terror of Gulrond, its ranks have swelled with an agency of wizards.

One of its leaders, the Pricor Triven Suvor, returns after a decade of retreat to find the Order's principles undermined by the factioning bureaucracy of its other leaders. He finds the Order has become a machine unto itself, and when good intentions and ideals pass to other's care, even the most ardent of supporters can fail.

It is a rivalry of an age not long ago, and a new age hell bent to forge its own path. Yet if that path leads to another terror, the spectre of the Sorceress may yet rise to rip the souls of wayward wizards.

For Dulcimer, her pursuit of power within the Order takes a turn that forces her to reconsider her loyalties. When reports made it apparent that the Sorceress had been freed from her interment, the noblest of the Order rise to meet their fate.

Going through rewrite. Planned Fall 2023

But the yarn to really spin.

Until close benefactors conspired his family to ruin, Kallith Galadine had all the promise of a nobleman's heritage and advantages. When the best caretakers for his safety were mercenaries, Kallith developed a restless recklessness as he matured into a young man.

The mercenary company had become a new family, but families did not last. The path he sets himself on takes him on a discovery of his heritage, and into a fight that would escalate the old tensions of rivalries and allies.

Rewrite of first couple chapters planned Spring 2025. First book planned Fall 2026 (or sooner)

The Mythology

Set in another world, like, and not like, our own.

Where wonders of myth and the rawness of human nature persists.

An epic fantasy series, the Arcannun Heresies are intended to be a collection of stories both in short form and novel length. Taking place in a secondary world of the land called Kaalmir and its surrounding regions, the Heresies seek to embody the grim with the hopeful.

What is important is to spin a good yarn. Balanced between a good, moving plot,

interesting characters, and a system that both overlooks the more popular fantasy tropes, yet embraces its spirit.

My guiding principle is always that the story is interesting, striving for the literary masterpiece in a genre that is often couched in the terms childlike, simplistic, or derivative.

About the Author

JAMES FARTHING is a graduate of Cal State San Marcos with a B.A. in Literature and Writing. He currently supervises websites for a domain registrar and writes when he can (though hopefully one day it can be a fulltime pursuit). Reading interests include modern fantasy, Romantic poetry, mythology, and getting lost in Wikipedia and other interesting websites.

Further updates to this site will be ongoing. His poetry can be read at Vatic Vision.